Terms and Conditions

Immigration Facts is a website run by Immigroup, private company which assists clients with immigration and travel documentation matters. We are not the government and we are not affiliated with any government agency. Some of our services are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and we follow its rules and guidelines. To learn more please click here. Immigration Facts offers two types of services: fixed-price applications and services which require retainers. By purchasing a service from Immigration Facts, you acknowledge that


  • Immigroup Facts is not responsible for documents lost by Canada Post, courier companies, or any mail service or government office;
  • Immigroup is not responsible for applications which are rejected. Applications are rejected at the sole discretion of the applicable government authority;
  • All fees are non-refundable once the application has been submitted to the appropriate government agency;
  • All fees paid are non-refundable 6 months after the payment has been processed if the application has not yet been submitted to the appropriate government agency;
  • Purchase of a service which requires payment of a retainer also necessitates signature of a retainer agreement dictating the terms of Immigration Facts' service; no service will be rendered until the executed retainer agreement is provided;
  • Purchase of a service indicates the commitment by you, the client, to pay all fees associated with said service;
  • All services are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $42.50 once the transaction has been processed;
  • Payment in full is due before an application will be submitted to the government;
  • Processing times listed on Immigration Facts' website are estimates based on recent historical trends and current information listed by various government agencies, and are subject to change at any time without notice.


Client Responsibilities

When you retain Immigroup to represent you with regard to any type of application, you undertake several responsibilities as a client, including:


  • Providing all information and necessary documentation such as photocopies of ID documents, completed forms, original documents when necessary, and any other documents which are requested, in a timely fashion;
  • Advising Immigroup of any updates to your situation including changes in address or leaving Canada for extended periods of time;
  • Advising Immigroup of any correspondence you have received directly from the government in a timely fashion;
  • Being honest and forthright about information regarding your application.


Description of Service

The applicant assumes all responsibility and liability that the information on government forms is true and complete. Immigration Facts assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or incomplete or illegible information on application forms. Where required, all forms must have an authorized guarantor in order to process them. The applicant must qualify and / or be eligible to receive certificates, passports, and other documents. Eligibility is determined solely by the government in question. The applicant agrees to have made their own travel arrangements; these are not made by Immigroup on behalf of the client. Immigroup assumes no responsibility and / or liability for government processing and / or the production of certificates / cards or any other government task. The applicant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions with regard to payment:


  • Payment by Visa, MasterCard, debit card, certified cheque, money order or bank drat.
  • All payments and transactions are final.
  • The aforementioned terms and conditions are in full force and effect until Immigroup has received written notification from the applicant of a cancellation in such a manner as to afford Immigroup reasonable opportunity to act on the said request.
  • Immigroup agrees to charge the applicant only for service, H.S.T., government fees, delivery charges, and any disbursements if applicable. There are no H.S.T. charges on government fees.
  • Immigroup service fees are additional to any applicable government fees.
  • Immigroup Service Fees are non-refundable.
  • The processing period will only commence upon receipt of the funds.
  • The applicant agrees that Immigroup is not responsible for credit / debit authorization or approval.
  • The applicant authorizes Immigroup, in accordance with these terms and conditions, to initiate credit / debit entries on behalf of the applicant.


Immigroup provides Urgent / Rush / Accelerated Service only when the following terms and conditions are met:


  • The service is offered by the jurisdiction in charge of the certificate or any other service being requested.
  • Where required, a valid guarantor must be available for confirmation - this is a government requirement.
  • All government terms and conditions must be met.
  • The authorization letter provided must be completed and signed by the applicant and must accompany the application in order for Immigroup to authorize the process and obtain certificate documents and / or government documents.
  • Government holidays and closures for any reason(s) voids Urgent Service.
  • In some cases, proof of urgency must be provided. Please contact us for more information.


Immigroup provides Regular Service when the following terms and conditions are met:


  • Regular Service is based on standard government processing. The time frame for receipt of the requested documentation varies by jurisdiction.
  • Any time frame quoted regarding the receipt of requested documents is an estimate, not a guarantee.
  • In some cases, the applicant will be notified by Immigroup upon receipt of certificate from the government. In other cases, the government will forward the completed document directly to the applicant. This varies by jurisdiction.
  • All other terms and conditions apply.



All fixed-price services are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $42.50. Increases to the cancellation fee are assessed for each application in relation to how much work has already been completed on the file. All fixed-price application fees are non-refundable once the application has been submitted to the appropriate government agency. All fixed-price application fees paid are non-refundable 6 months after the payment has been processed if the application has not yet been submitted to the appropriate government agency. If a service is cancelled prior to payment of any balance due, the balance of fees owed for this service are still owed if cancellation is initiated.



The standard fee for a consultation is $84.75 including HST which covers a consultation up to 30 minutes in length either in person or over the phone. Clients will be billed an additional consultation fee for consultations lasting longer than 30 minutes. Consultations are included with the purchase of any Immigration Facts service. If you purchase a consultation before you decide to use our services, the consultation fee, in most cases, can be credited to your service fees (see the individual application forms for exceptions). If you meet with an Immigroup representative regarding a fixed-price service and choose not to purchase the service at the conclusion of the meeting, you are still obligated to pay the consultation fee.



Immigroup guarantees all its work. If you have reason to believe that we did not submit the best possible application on your behalf, you may request the contact information of the General Manager of Immigroup who will review your case. You are also offered the opportunity to give feedback at the conclusion of your application so that we can improve our service in the future. If you lose your document acquired through Immigration Facts within six months of our purchase we will discount our service fees 50% for the replacement application.


Privacy Policy

Immigroup certifies that all information the applicant provides, both written and/or verbal, will be held in the strictest of confidence. All information supplied will only be used for obtaining information for or on behalf of the applicant and for no other purpose. Please see our privacy policy here.



We appreciate any and all referrals. If you know someone who would benefit from our help, you will receive 20% off your next service. Discounts provided in relation to referrals are not valid in conjunction with any other discounts. Discounts in relation to referrals are only given when the referee has been confirmed to have retained Immigroup for a full-price service.



Retaining Immigroup commits you to using Immigroup as your representative for the service purchased and for communication with the Canadian, American, British, or any other government authority in relation to the service purchased. A signed retainer agreement must be provided to Immigroup prior to any work being completed on a file.



If you would like to submit a testimonial, we would be glad to have it. You can even get a 15% discount off your next service from us! If you have already purchased a service and don't need another one in the near future, you can get a 15% rebate! In order to qualify for a discount or rebate, the following guidelines must be adhered to:


  • All testimonials must be mailed to our head office at 2558 Danforth Avenue, Suite 202, Toronto, ON. All letters must be typed or hand-written. We can only use hard copies mailed to our office as testimonials. We cannot use emails.
  • Your testimonial should accurately describe your experience with our services and our staff and your satisfaction with the experience. Please do not praise us excessively. Try not to use words like 'best,' 'greatest' or 'number one.' Try to write about how and why you were satisfied or how or why we exceeded your expectations. Tell us why you would use our services again.
  • Please indicate to us which service you have already purchased and whether you would like a refund off your last service or a discount off a future service. Please provide your personal information. We will only use this information to process your refund / discount.


Unfortunately we cannot give discounts or refunds if we cannot use the testimonial so please follow these guidelines. Video testimonials are also accepted – call for more information.


Website Content

We strive for complete accuracy with regard to the content on our website, but please be aware that government rules and regulations frequently change without notice and at any time. Immigroup is not responsible for inaccurate information on immigrationfacts.ca. Please let us know of any information that is not correct. If you do encounter a discrepancy between our website and our staff, please contact us as soon as you can so we can fix the error. Please include:


  • URL of the webpage and if possible quote the information you think is inaccurate
  • Name and time you called
  • Name of the person you spoke with





I thought you were the government.

We are a private company. This is indicated clearly by the following:


  • For every call to our office during business hours of 8am-6pm Eastern Time, a recorded greeting states "We are a private company" before the call is answered by our staff.
  • Immigroup is incorporated as a private company, as shown in our logo.
  • Our website URL is .com which is used by private companies. Government agencies and departments use websites with special government-only domain extensions such as .gc.ca, .on.ca, .gov, .gov.uk, etc.
  • All our prices are subject to Ontario's Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), a tax levied by the Ontario government on sales private companies. Government services are not taxed.
  • A clear ICCRC logo is on our home page; this logo is only allowed to be shown by ICCRC members (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). ICCRC members are paid private immigration consultants, not agents of the government.


Why don't you tell all your clients you are not the government?

Immigration Facts strives to be clear and transparent. Information regarding our status as a private company is clearly displayed on our website. Clients purchase our services because we are a private company to assist them in dealing with complicated government regulations and agencies.


Why do you charge a minimum of $42.50 cancellation fee? Why can&'t you just do a full refund?

We are a medium sized firm with around 15 employees and contractors. We strive to deliver great customer service and deal fairly with all our clients. We charge a minimum of $42.50 for the work that has been completed, which includes call centre agents' time, immigration practitioners' time, and the processing fee for closing your file. As mandated by regulating bodies of legal practitioners in Ontario, in our case the ICCRC, all closed files must be held for a minimum of 7 years prior to being disposed of securely. Please note that 1-2% of our clients will cancel at some point for various reasons such as they have found a document they believed was lost, and we don't want to pass this expense on to our paying clients.